Monday, August 30, 2010

Mr. Moon and Ms. Night

Beauty light tonight twinkle for me now

Fall in love and show us how Touch one bond its true and they were meant to be so true
Light in one beautiful night, held together now, the night so impressed keeps and says:
This night with you will never end
I hear pleasure in the waves, pretending words
In beauty light my mind wonders, love absurd
Free is this simple matter, as two our hearts beat faster
This night not destined to end, the flash of voices Night out of the woods, when the moon moistens
the skies never wants this night to end - extreme the night has swollen
To the point where love is plenty

As a dream, where God loves
Waiting for the stop of lurking
Mr. Moon and Ms. Night drive themselves to sigh - so now They never want this night to end

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