Saturday, August 28, 2010

October 7, 2009

The day that my life have been changed. I've given birth to my child. I feel so nervous at that time wondering how was she. She's out exactly 9pm, she cried and I heard she cried when I saw her I don't mind the pain that I feel, the pain fade away. Now I know that the sayings of the elders are true that after childbirth you feel like painless childbirth after you saw the baby. I want to move I want to touch her, touch her face, her body that full of blood of mine. I cant explain how feelings that I have.

Finally when I touched her I'm always looking at her finding out who's like her face. Shes hairy, cute and fair skin. I cant sleep at that time even though I need rest after childbirth. At that time I already feels the changes that have been in my life I'm now already a "MOTHER" the end of being maiden. But I accepted all of this because I know its part of it that all will changed. Now I really moved to yesterday I face the new today. I love you my baby.


  1. ```dalhin m xa sa skul joyce, gs2 q din xa mahawakan hehehe.. gudluck sa life kaya m yan. blessing yang baby m. baka nmn nagcocomputer n rin yang baby m hahaha,

  2. oo cge neaxt time dadalhin q xa..oo mrunong n nga mkipag skype eh sa wowo nya..