Monday, August 30, 2010

Hate at first sight, Love is next

The first time I saw you, I have never thought of falling in love with you. Just like the others, you are just an ordinary and normal student. Upon waking and going to sleep, you are just like among the others.
But that's what I have thought AT FIRST, I have learned that everyone is different with the others. I have also changed my statement about you. For me, you are the unique one, the special one and the only person I want to be with.
You make me happy, you make me smile
You help me move on for a mile
I want you to know me I want you to see
The beauty of the real me
You made my frown
Upside down
You made wonder
And I thought after
The feelings that I had for you
All of it grew
I have liked you so much
Which I had never felt such
I was so dumb
And my heart felt numb
I'll be away for you
But still, all you said was "SHOO"
I was so hurt when you didn't noticed me
I was so hurt when you were angry with me
I have always wished to rewind back the time
So I could correct my crime
I want everyone to know
That love could hurt you so.

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